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Are you looking for a Skydiving Colorado Springs instructor? All of our instructors are USPA-rated and will be with you through the whole process.
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Tandem Skydiving

As the oldest USPA Group Member drop zone in Southern Colorado, Out of the Blue is the obvious choice for first-timers. A tandem jump is the quickest and easiest way to experience skydiving for the first time. You’ll be paired with one of our USPA-rated tandem instructors who will be with you through the whole process. After about 10 minutes of ground instruction, you’ll be ready to make your first skydive. You and your instructor will be strapped together with special parachute gear designed for two. You’ll then enjoy a beautiful plane ride to an elevation of about 18,000 feet msl – that’s about 12,000 feet above the ground (agl)– where your skydiving Colorado Springs experience officially begins. From there, you’ll exit the plane with your instructor and experience the remarkable feeling of freefall. At about 5,000 feet agl, your parachute will be deployed.  From there, you can sit back and relax for the scenic canopy ride back to earth. Or, if you want, you can ask your instructor for even more thrill and experience fast canopy turns and spirals. Your instructor will land the canopy right in front of our hangar for all of your friends and family to see. After jumping Out of the Blue, you are officially a skydiver!

Video and Photo Package

If you are looking for the best way to capture your skydiving Colorado experience, our video and photo package is perfect for you. We have professional videographers on staff to provide you top quality video and stills to share with the world. We believe the only way to get quality, video documentation of your skydive is through a separate, skydiving videographer. At Out of the Blue Skydiving, you will be assigned a videographer who will jump alongside you and your instructor to capture your entire freefall. The videographer will then meet you on the ground, filming your canopy decent and landing. Your video will be personalized even more with your pre-jump and post-jump interviews. Your edited skydiving video and stills will be delivered to you on a USB drive. With our video and photo package, you’ll be able to relive your jump Out of the Blue anytime!

Handcam Photo Package

If you aren’t interested in a video, but you still want to share your skydiving Colorado experience with family and friends, our handcam photo package is a great option. Your tandem instructor will wear a camera on his wrist and take pictures throughout the jump by programming the camera to take a photo about every half second. While you will receive some similar, less than perfect shots, you will also receive a lot of great stills to remember your tandem skydive. You will go home with your handcam photo package on a convenient USB drive.