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Accelerated Freefall

Learn skydiving in Colorado without being attached to an instructor with Out of the Blue’s Accelerated Freefall program, also called AFF. It is an intense program that focuses on both freefall and canopy skills. AFF consists of ground training and a series of at least seven jumps divided into Categories A through E as recommended by the USPA. Students are prepared for their AFF jumps in a classroom environment, where they learn about proper freefall body position, emergency procedures, and canopy flight. After completing the classroom portion, students are usually ready for their first jump the same day, weather permitting.

The seven-jump AFF curriculum allows students to progressively learn the skills necessary when it comes to skydiving in Colorado, or any other USPA Group Member drop zone, solo. All of the jumps take place at an altitude of about 18,000 feet msl, allowing students plenty of time to experience freefall. Two USPA-rated instructors accompany students for the first three AFF jumps, while only one instructor is required for the remaining jumps. The instructors ensure proper freefall position and parachute deployment. All AFF jumps include radio communications guiding students to safe canopy landings.

After successfully completing all AFF jumps, students are cleared for solo jumping and encouraged to continue to USPA licensure through the Integrated Student Program. Out of the Blue Skydiving makes the process painless with plenty of coaches available.

Try skydiving Colorado on your own by calling to schedule your first AFF jump today!

490 Conversion

Out of the Blue Skydiving is the only drop zone in Colorado offering a conversion program for those who have successfully completed the Air Force Academy’s 490 course. Most 490 graduates are able to complete Out of the Blue’s AFF program in four jumps instead of the typical seven jumps.By jumping with Out of the Blue, you’ll save money, and you’ll be that much closer to getting your USPA license.

Before jumping in the AFF conversion program at Out of the Blue Skydiving, you will be required to sit through our first jump course that is usually offered once a week either on Saturday or Sunday mornings. While some information may seem like a review, there are some very important differences when jumping as a civilian compared to jumping at the Academy. Please be sure to make a reservation for the AFF first jump course as some classes fill quickly!

After completing the first jump course, you will be ready to make a skydive with Out of the Blue Skydiving. If it has been longer than 30 days since your last jump in the 490 course, we will typically put you with two AFF instructors for your first civilian jump with us. Your performance will determine how many instructors will jump with you for the remaining AFF jumps. For those of you who have completed your 490 jumps in the last 30 days, you will most likely be with one instructor for your AFF jumps with Out of the Blue.

After successfully completing the necessary AFF jumps, you will be considered a self-supervising student. While there will be at least one instructor with you on every plane load, you can jump by yourself. To get your USPA A-license, you will need to complete at least 25 jumps and the criteria listed on the A-license proficiency card you will be given after your first jump with Out of the Blue. Remember, your five jumps from 490 and your AFF jumps all count toward the 25 jumps you need for your A-license. Examples of some of the proficiency card criteria include landing accurately, canopy maneuvers, freefall maneuvers, a jump from 5,000 feet, and a jump from 3,500 feet. In addition, you will need to make at least three jumps with one of our USPA-rated coaches and at least one A-license check dive with a USPA-rated instructor.